Wheels are what make the cars of a train in a roller coaster move. This happens when a roller coaster is dropping, the wheels start spinning. The wheels are laid on the track.

There are 3 main types of roller coaster wheels:

  • Running wheels - These wheels lay on the top of the track and are usually the largest.
  • Side Friction wheels - These wheels run against the side of the track, either on the inside or outside. Their purpose is to prevent the train from flying off the side of the track.
  • Upstop wheels - These wheels run against the bottom of the track. Their purpose is to prevent the train from coming up off of the track during air time moments. Some older roller coasters, such as the Scenic Railway, do not have these, and have to ensure that the train does not experience any zero or negative G-Force.
Roller Coaster Descriptions
Basic Elements Brake RunLift HillLaunch TrackStation
Advanced Elements Bunny HillHeadchopperInversionsPre-DropTunnel
Lift/Launch Lift Hill (Cable LiftLift ChainElevator LiftFerris Wheel LiftThrill LiftTilt Section)

Powered Launch (Cable LaunchCounterweightFriction WheelsFlywheelHydraulicLIMLSM) Continuously Powered

Technology On-ride cameraOn-ride soundtrackTraincarTrackTransfer TrackUnderfrictionWheel
Other POVQueue LineRollbackTheming

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