l Location l Santa Clara, California, USA l- l Opened l March 9, 1991 l- l Manufacturer l Bolliger & Mabillard l- l Type l Floorless Roller Coaster l- l Riders per train l 28 l- l Riders per hour l 1,200 l- l Height l 91 feet (27.7 meters) l- l Top speed l 40 mph (64.4 km/h) l- l Length l 1,920 feet (585.2 meters) l- l Duration l 2:14 l- l Inversions l 2 l-


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Vortex (California's Great America) - OnRide - (720p)

Vortex (California's Great America) - OnRide - (720p)



California's Great America

Patriot is a Bolliger & Mabillard floorless roller coaster located at California's Great America in Santa Clara, California. The ride originally featured Stand-Up trains and was called "Vortex" until the end of 2016, when it was renamed, repainted, and given new floorless trains. The new ride, Patriot, opened to the public on Saturday, April 1st, 2017.

Originally, Vortex was the second roller coaster built by B&M after Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America. It is a slightly shorter version of B&M's third creation at Carowinds.

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