Balder, the future "model article".

We've had numerous discussions over how to format a page here, and it has been changed so much! Change is a good thing, but it has its downsides too...

As it is right now, there are about five different styles of pages here on the wiki; the old infobox, the new infobox, the old category structure, the new category structure, logos at the top, endless variations!

As soon as possible, I'm asking fellow Coasterpedians to edit just one article on a coaster. Collaborate, and perfect it so that we have a standard format set. From there, we can use that article as a standard on which to base all our future articles.

The article to work on will be Balder. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions, and feel free to pitch in your own ideas too. Now is the time to set some things in stone!

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