Hello Coasterpedians! If you haven't seen it already, there's a new blog post on Community Central highlighting the Promote! feature. Click here to see it. I'd like to get our wiki up there, but we need to decide on a few things:

  • What should the Headline be?

"Something as simple as "Learn more about the Bacon Wiki" or "Welcome to the Bacon Wiki" is great!"

  • What is our wiki about?

"Write a summary about your wiki's topic. Don't be afraid to make it detailed, you want to get visitors excited about the topic and make sure they have a clear idea of what your wiki is all about."

  • We need to pick a photo to represent the wiki.

"This image defines your wiki. It will be the main image we use to represent your wiki on so make sure it's a great one! Don't forget, you can always update this image so it's current and most represents your wiki."

  • We need to pick several additional photos as well.

"Adding more images makes your wiki look more interesting and engaging to potential visitors.You can add up to nine images here, and we strongly recommend you hit the limit!"

Let me know what your ideas are below, in the comments!