1. Parents complain over "innapropiate" commentary, and TPR has a hard time replying to them telling them that "Most people don't care" and the parents keep writing angry replies and TPR, being the money hungry people they are, didn't want bad publicity for having no refunds to parents, so they decided to make videos on YouTube and they swore less after the "Advertiser Friendly" campaign, making him what the parents want, a kid frienly Coaster channel, even though we have Coaster Studios, which is kid friendly.
  2. all of There videos are on the internet now as of 2013
  3. DVD service is getting outdated
  4. Even in it's peak with TPR only uploads a few of the coasters, while many people prefer YouTubers like Coaster Force and Sharp Productions due to free coaster povs, however, it had a payoff, the DVDs don't have a watermark while the channels did, however, independet publishers who have Raw footage like James C and Sean Flaharty came along, which made TPR's DVD's useless and then came the downfall
  5. There was limited coasters unlike there Youtube content which has coasters including Chinese knockoffs when the videos have 10% international (non US/UK/Canada) coasters.
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