I have a confession to make. When I joined this wiki 2 years ago, I was actually 12. (if it was not obvious with my spelling, lack of deep understanding, etc.) Thus I am currently 14.

The reason I have lied these past 2 years about my age, was because when I joined Wikia back in '11, I was young, and I was trying to keep my identity a secret, and so I changed my age. (Also keep in mind that I was going to be talking with random people, and there's lots of perverts out there, so I decided to make myself older.) I have, since joining, regretted that. I hate lying. And I wanted to go back, but because I already said that I was 24, there was no going back. (Also, it was such a big jump)

I am greatly sorry for lying to all of you these past years. And I hope this doesn't change anything.

Also, everything else I've said is true, I am a Christian, the amount of coaster's I've ridden, my interests, where I live, etc. (Besides the fact that I was married...that was also a lie. [obviously] Oh, and the fact that I am employed, that's wrapped in with the older aspect.)

I know this isn't a big deal, but I have become to know you guys well and I realize that it's stupid to continue on.