Community question

The wiki is kinda in a weird place right now. Not much is happening. Which is sorta strange, speaking of which parks are opening up...

So, I think its time for a new Community Question.

How did you love roller coasters? For me, I hated roller coasters. My entire life. Back in 011' my dad forced me to ride the Diamondback at Kings Island. It was kinda a huge jump from the Gemini to a hyper coaster. After words, it opened up my eyes to coasters. I rode EVERY other coaster at the park.

That made me enjoy coasters. It didn't make me be a coaster enthusiast. What really started that was shortly after I came back from the trip, I was browsing Zelda Wiki, and I saw the CoasterPedia spotlight. Now, I just got back from my roller coaster-filled trip. So, I started to browse there and ended up joining wikia. After about a month or two of editing, it got me excited for roller coasters. My roller coaster craze began. During the summer I spent countless hours reading statics of roller coasters, studying them. I really credit this wiki for making me into an enthusiast.

So how did you become a coaster enthusiast? Please comment below, share your story!