Okay, here is the second question in the series!

It is become clear that record-breaking coaster's are becoming fewer and fewer. The height record has not been challenged for 7 years, the speed record for 2 years, and no one seems to dare go over 12 inversions? Is 150 MPH and 12 inversions all the human body can take before its not fun anymore? Sure, Silver Dollar City is challenging the woodie's with a behemoth and a multi-looper. But is there no need for these giants anymore? Now with coaster's like flying, multi-dimension, winged, etc. is the height and speed not matter anymore?

So, this leads to our community questions, do you think the era of record breakers is nearly over, or still raging? Also, do you want the era to end, or do you think its time to introduce some legendary thrills beyond the big hills? Please comment!

Do you want the era of record-breaking roller coaster's to end?

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