Few things. Well, I mean two things.

1. Coasterpedia has five networks.. Except they don't get updated...minus Facebook. Twitter is semi-updated, and Google+ barely. I don't even think Pinterest does. And I don't even know whats going on with YouTube...

So should we remove some of the networks that we have like, no followers on? Or should we remove Pinterest? Or keep it how it is... I can take over Google+ and update that one... And Facebook and Twitter should stay, but Pinterest is kinda useless.

2. I know, I know...I brought this up before, but the newest coasters section is still not getting updated! I really think that we should add the FaceBook feed there. (like what we have on the Navigation Bar). That way we don't have to create a million new pages and edit the main page everytime.

These are kinda minor things, but just curious to see what you think. (Anyone can add their two cents)