I always dreamed of a "perfect" roller coaster park with more roller coasters than any other amusement park in the world. I gave it some thought to what kind of coasters I would want in the park and decided to list them.

  • A kiddie coaster (for the kids who are too short or scared to ride the bigger coasters)
  • A spinning coaster (either made by Gerstlauer or Maurer Söhne)
  • A Schwarzkopf looping coaster (with a similar layout to Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas
  • A dueling (or not) B&M inverted looping coaster (similar to Dragon Challenge at Universal Studios Florida or Batman: Ride at Six Flags)
  • An indoor roller coaster
  • An Intamin mega coaster (similar to Superman - Ride of Steel)
  • A wooden roller coaster or two (non-dueling or dueling)
  • A B&M floorless launched coaster
  • An Intamin impulse coaster (similar to Vertical Velocity)
  • A TOGO Ultra Twister coaster
  • An Arrow Dynamics custom looping roller coaster with ten inversions (if Arrow was still around today)
  • AN RMC wood/steel "Iron Horse" coaster (like New Texas Giant)