So, I've been doing a lot of polls lately since I started editing this Wiki and I've lately been finding a lot of arguments evolving in the creation of Magic Mountain vs. Cedar Point. I want to know what this Wiki thinks: out of all the parks, which one is best? Post your vote in the comments and every week, I'll have certain standards. For example, PARKS WILL BE ELIMINATED ON SATURDAY IF THEY DON'T HAVE ANY VOTES OR LESS THAN TWO. Then, I'll raise it each week by 5 more votes. Lastly, when I get to the Top Two Parks still in the competition, I want to know reasons why they should be Best Park. Whichever park wins this contest will be my homepage pic until next poll! Newest nominees are in bold, as well as the total amount of votes for every park. The nominees for Best Park are: 

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain (3 votes)
  • Knott's Berry Farm (4 votes)

If you have any more nominees, please tell me in the comments so I can add them in. For now, these are the nominees. You can vote up to two times (per park or for two parks) a round before elimination. I predict Magic Mountain vs. Cedar Point in the end, but the end is a long ways. I put two votes for...


I'll keep results posted on my main page. Keep voting, and may the odds be ever in your favor (no, just kidding). Wish your fav parks good luck!! :D