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  • I live in Arizona, USA
  • My occupation is Ride Operations at Castles N' Coasters
  • I am a huge roller coaster enthusiast!
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Hello! I'm currently the bureaucrat and administrator of Coasterpedia. A bureaucrat is just a fancy name for the guy in charge. :P Obviously, I love roller coasters! My favorite amusement park is Six Flags Magic Mountain, in California, USA, and my favorite roller coaster is Tatsu. I'm always here to help, so if you need some help, just send me a message on my talk page.

Interest in Roller Coasters

My roller coaster enthusiasm began when I was in my early teens, and reluctantly rode Six Flags Magic Mountain's Revolution. I had ridden smaller coasters before, but Revolution showed me how amazing roller coasters really were. Since the park was dead on that Fall day, I went on to ride every other coaster in the park; all 16! I was addicted, and luckily, that was a time in my life when my family could afford to travel much more frequently. I visited several other parks such as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Knott's Berry Farm, Elitch Gardens, Lakeside Amusement Park, and Six Flags Over Texas.

I can't travel that much anymore, and I'm stuck in Arizona, where there are practically no roller coasters! Other than that, it is an awesome state! I have ridden the local roller coaster, Desert Storm over 200 times, and I can't wait to ride it much more this in the coming years!

I'm hoping to one day get into the amusement park industry; specifically in management.

Other Interests

I'm really fascinated with reptiles, and especially lizards such as Monitor Lizards. Maybe someday, I will be a reptile owner!

I love playing Cycle Polo, as well as other sports: Racquetball, and Bowling. I'd love to play Australian Football, but nobody knows about it here in the United States! :(

I'm a Mario Kart addict and a My Little Pony fan, but that's as geeky as I get.

Roller Coaster Fan Sites

You can also find me at the following roller coaster fan sites:

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