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Hi! I'm Dolphanatic, Co-Admin of Coasterpedia and RCT Wiki! As my name says, I'm a dolphin fanatic. I'm also a roller coaster enthusiast too. You can also see me at COASTER-net (my profile), RCTgo (my profile), MLP Forums (my profile), and YouTube (my profile).

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Amusement Parks

MagicMountainSign This user's favorite theme park is Six Flags Magic Mountain.


File:MiniTatsu.PNGl48px This user's favorite roller coaster is Tatsu.
File:Promofullthrottle01.jpgl48px This user's second favorite roller coaster is Full Throttle.
Inverted This user's third favorite roller coaster is Silver Bullet.
MedusaFloorlesCoasterLightened This user's fourth favorite roller coaster is Medusa.
Downhill This user's fifth favorite roller coaster is Superman: Ultimate Flight.
File:RiddlerStandUp.jpgl48px This user's sixth favorite roller coaster is Riddler's Revenge.
Maverickhill This user's seventh favorite roller coaster is Scream!.
Batman This user's eighth favorite roller coaster is Batman The Ride.
File:X²Turn.JPGl48px This user's ninth favorite roller coaster is .
File:250px-Xcelerator-Launch.jpgl48px This user's tenth favorite roller coaster is Xcelerator.
RiddlerStandUp This user's favorite manufacturer is Bolliger & Mabillard.
Flying 4 This user's favorite type of roller coaster is a flying coaster.
HydraZeroG This user's favorite inversion is a Zero-G Roll
On-BoardAudio This user dislikes on-ride soundtracks.

Games & Programs

RollerCoasterTycoonLogo This user owns RollerCoaster Tycoon.
Rct2logo This user owns RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
RCT3 LOGO2 This user owns RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
NoLimits This user makes roller coasters with NoLimits

Credits and Counting

Maverickhill This user has ridden a total of 47 roller coasters.
Tinypark This user has been to 11 different theme parks.
KiddieCoaster This user rides kiddie coasters to rack up his/her coaster count!


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Coaster Count

74 Roller Coasters Ridden (64 Steel, 1 Hybrid, 9 Wood).

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