aka Connor

  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is a person who makes data visualisations if that's an occupation
  • I am male

Hello! My name is Connor. I am an editor on Coasterpedia. I joined this wiki on May 4th, 2020. Did you know I'm in the top 10 on this wiki? Crazy!

Also this is sad because i think this wiki is kinda dead because i think this wiki was popular back in like 2012 so yea so is me editing a lot with adarcoasters help the revival on this wiki?

IMPORTANT: I will not be contributing to the wiki as much anymore due to loss of interest. I may make edits every now and then, but sadly this is happening. Thank you.


i want to add some userboxes from this page!

Here's an example:

Boomerang Loop Contribution Award

This user has made a contribution to this Wiki.

I think the best coasters in Australia are:

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