Retired and never coming back!

I am permanently retired from Wikia. I was recently chastised by a petulant, ill-mannered user here because of actions that have no wrongdoing on my part. I am globally blocked from editing Wikia for an entire year; set to expire on July 18, 2012. It was an incident by someone who hated my editing on Wikia, so they used my iPad to create multiple accounts and use them abusively. The user found out and enforced the block because of the incident. Even though I was wrong to let them use my iPad, that gave the user who blocked me no right to talk to me in such a tone. Such attacks are just too much for me to endure.

I would like to leave Wikia, and I will never return. I am moving on to Wikipedia and ShoutWiki. I assume that most users don't even care because of my hard work. I worked so hard to help three wikis here, but I was almost never thanked nor complimented because of it. This place, I think, is not enjoyable, and I quit.

I apologize to the good users I have met on Wikia, who helped make my time here more enjoyable, because of the events leading up to a global block on my account. It is just the persistent folly of intemperate, rude youth. If you'd like to keep in touch with me, please email me by clicking here or manually at

I have finished my words, editing, and time on Wikia, and hereby denounce it. Good day.
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