Twisted Colossus
Park Six Flags Magic Mountain
Location USA.pngValencia, California
Status Open
Opened 5/25/2015
Height restriction 48 inches
Manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction
Designer Alan Schilke
Type Hybrid
Riders per train 24
Riders per hour
Lift/launch system
Height 121 feet feet
Drop 128 feet feet
Top speed 57 mpf mph
Length 4,990 feet feet
Duration 3:40
Inversions 2
Steepest drop 80°
Maximum g-force

Twisted Colossus is a Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid roller coaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. The ride reuses a large portion of Colossus' structure.



Zero-G Roll
Top Gun Stall

Twisted Colossus follows the same basic path as the original Colossus, but with only one station. Rather than being a double out-and-back design, Twisted Colossus resembles a single out-and-back layout done twice, following the first half a second time, meaning it races itself (assuming there are no delays in the block section timing).

The design starts on the east side of the original Colossus' station, with a blue track, heading south. Immediately after the station, the layout takes a left turn into a friction wheel-powered traveling launch, sending riders through another left turn before entering a series of small hills. Shortly after turning right, riders are parallel to the second (green) half and enter the first lift, which leads into the main drop and a low bunny hill on both sides. After climbing up the next hill, the ride turns around while high fiving the the opposite side. Shortly after, the green side crosses over the blue side during the next drop, with the blue side entering another low bunny hill while the green side traverses a longer drop which steepens, lessens, and then steepens again before reaching ground level. The green side then proceeds to enter the top gun stall, which goes directly above an airtime-inducing hill on the blue side and crosses over the blue side a second time. The green side then enters a low twisted hill with the blue side entering a zero-g roll directly above it, switching sides a third time with the blue side crossing over the green side. With the blue side and green side parallel once again, they both enter an two consecutive upward inclines before separating again, with the blue side passing one brake run while transitioning into the green side before entering the second lift. Meanwhile, the green side crosses over the blue side twice before turning toward the station in a series of three brake runs, with the final one being a transfer track before transitioning into the blue side.


Twisted Colossus (Off-ride HD) Six Flags Magic Mountain

Offride footage


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