X-Flight train exiting inversion

Notice how the spine is a "box" and the rails are connected above the spine.

The track is a part of a roller coaster that the wheels of the coaster's train run on.

Track Types

Box Track

A box track is a track type that uses a box-shaped spine. All roller coasters built by Bolliger & Mabillard have a box track.

Old Intamin AG roller coasters, such as Flashback at Six Flags Magic Mountain and stand-up coaster Cobra at La Ronde also use box-track. This is because the founders of Bolliger & Mabillard used to work for Intamin.

Flat Track

A flat track is a spineless track type consisting simply of two rails connected by beams at diagonal and right-angles. This track type is typically found on Wild Mouse and kiddie coasters.

Single Rail Track

A single rail track uses one exterior guide rail to carry along a car versus the traditional two-rail configuration

Skeleton Track

A skeleton track typically uses a square-shaped or triangle-shaped skeletal framework as the track spine.This kind of track is typically found on Intamin coasters and Gerstlauer Eurofighters.

Roller Coaster Descriptions
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