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Brazil Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul

Três Eixos is a roller coaster and flat ride manufacturer based in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The company has so far manufactured 8 roller coasters. The models by the manufacturer are the Happy Mountain and the Brinquedo da Abelha (Bee Ride).

As of June 2020, Três Eixos is currently in business.


Even though the company builds flat rides, this list will focus on their roller coaster models.

Brinquedo da Abelha

The Brinquedo da Abelha (English: Bee Ride) model is one of the company's two coaster models. It is a replica of Pinfari's Queen Bee.

Only one of it's kind existed, that being Magic Bee at Nova Nicolândi in Brasília. Magic Bee only operated for a year before closing down.

Happy Mountain

The Happy Mountain model is the more common of the two models, with four of them being built.

Despite being the more used model, only one of it's kind is still operating. That coaster being Happy Mountain, which is also located at Nova Nicolândi.

Roller Coasters

As mentioned before, Três Eixos has built 8 coasters. Here is a list of all their roller coasters by their original locations.

Name Park Location Opened Status
Happy Mountain Terra Encantada Brazil Rio De Janeiro December 2001 Defunct
Happy Mountain Mampato Chile Lo Barnechea, Santiago ≤ <time>2006</time> Operating
Happy Mountain Playcenter São Paulo Brazil São Paulo 2005 Defunct
Happy Mountain Nova Nicolândi Brazil Brasília, Federal District 2005 Operating
Happy Mountain Playcity Brazil Cachambi, Rio De Janeiro N/A Defunct
Magic Bee Nova Nicolândi Brazil Brasília, Federal District 2007 Defunct
Mini Montanha Parquinho da Redenção Brazil Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul N/A Operating
Montanha Russa Mirage Park Brazil Manaus, Amazonas In Storage Removed

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