Sierra Sidewinder an Knott's Berry Farm.

A spinning roller coaster is a type of roller coaster that has spinning cars. Spinning coasters are also usually, under 70 feet, and there would be one car in a train. Spinning coasters don't deal with high drops, but instead, with turns.

Roller Coaster Types
Track Materials HybridSteelWooden
Train Configurations 4th DimensionBobsledDive CoasterFloorlessFlyingInvertedMine TrainMotorbikePipelineSide FrictionSpinningStand-UpSuspendedVirginia ReelWing Coaster
Track Layouts DuelingFigure 8LaunchedMöbius LoopOut & BackRacingShuttleStrata CoasterWild Mouse

Images of Spinning Rollercoasters

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