Silver Star
Silver Star front seat on-ride HD POV Europa Park

Silver Star front seat on-ride HD POV Europa Park




Riders per hour



Bolliger & Mabillard


240 feet

Top speed

79 mph



Steepest drop


Maximum G-Force


Silver Star is a Bolliger & Mabillard hyper roller coaster located at Europa-Park in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is currently the second tallest roller coaster in Europe (with the first being Shambhala) and was the tallest coaster built by B&M before Leviathan opened. It was also the first coaster in Europa-Park that was not built by Mack Rides. As all rides in the park have age (as well as height) restrictions, no one under the age of 11 or under 1.40m (4'9) is allowed to ride.

The rideEdit

Nearly every camel back is fitted with a speed 'trim' device to regulate the train's speed. The original friction-brake trims made the ride uncomfortable for some riders, however these have been refitted with magnetic trims.Silver Star features no inversions but many hills and helixes. After the first drop, the train travels leftwards and up onto the first camel back, and then a second. The train performs a 180 degree return in a hammerhead element, then continues onto another camel back followed by a mid-run brake segment. A 270 degree upwards helix brings the train back under the lifthill and onto one last camel back. A banked S-bend brings the train to the on-ride photo and final brake run.

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