Kingda Ka Rollback

Kingda Ka Rollback

Kingda Ka Rollback

A rollback is when a launched roller coaster gets launched up the track and falls down before the train makes it to the top of the main hill. This happens on Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka many times.

Most launched roller coasters have emergency brakes just after or before the launch track to prevent an accident or a collision.

Very rarely, trains may rollback on the lift hill if the anti-rollback device fails. This can cause a collision with a train in the station.

Roller Coaster Descriptions
Basic Elements Brake RunLift HillLaunch TrackStation
Advanced Elements Bunny HillHeadchopperInversionsPre-DropTunnel
Lift/Launch Lift Hill (Cable LiftLift ChainElevator LiftFerris Wheel LiftThrill LiftTilt Section)

Powered Launch (Cable LaunchCounterweightFriction WheelsFlywheelHydraulicLIMLSM) Continuously Powered

Technology On-ride cameraOn-ride soundtrackTraincarTrackTransfer TrackUnderfrictionWheel
Other POVQueue LineRollbackTheming


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