l Location l Valencia, California, USA l- l Status l Operating l- l Opened l May 8, 1976 l- l Manufacturer l Schwarzkopf l- l Type l Sit-Down l- l Riders per train l 20 l- l Riders per hour l 1,400 l- l Lift/launch system l Chain Lift l- l Height l 113 feet (34.4 meters) l- l Top speed l 55 mph (88.5 km/h) l- l Duration l 2:12 l- l Inversions l 1 l- l Steepest Drop l 45° l- l Maximum G-Force l 4.9G l-
The New Revolution


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Revolution (Magic Mountain) - OnRide - (720p)

Revolution (Magic Mountain) - OnRide - (720p)



Six Flags Magic Mountain

Revolution is a Schwarzkopf sit-down roller coaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.[1] The ride is the first modern roller coaster to feature a vertical loop.

The ride was designed by Anton Schwarzkopf and built by Intamin AG. The vertical loop uses a triangular lattice of steel tubes.[2] The only other roller coasters that use this support type are SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark, Golden Loop at Gold Reef City, Cliff Hanger at Ghost Town in the Sky, and Katapul at Hopi Hari.


  • Before the ride opened in 1976, it took a week of testing in order to get the train to complete one circuit because the wheels were too tight.
  • In June 2002, a plaque was erected in front of the ride, marking it as one of the American Coaster Enthusiasts "Coaster Landmarks", for being the first steel roller coaster with a Vertical Loop.
  • For the 2016 season, the ride received new trains, most notably without the infamous over-the-shoulder restraints.



Vertical Loop

World Records

Preceded by

Montaña Rusa

World's Tallest Roller Coaster

1976 - 1977

Succeeded by

King Kobra (tied with Greased Lightnin' and White Lightnin')

Preceded by

Montaña Rusa

World's Tallest Complete-Circuit Roller Coaster

1976 - 1978

Succeeded by

Loch Ness Monster

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