l Opened l 2008 l- l Manufacturer l The Gravity Group, LLC l- l Height l 80 feet l- l Top speed l 57 mph l- l Length l 2,900 feet l- l Inversions l 0 l- l Steepest Drop l 60° l- l Maximum G-Force l 3.5G l-
Ravine Flyer II


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Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer Park) - OnRide - (480p)

Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer Park) - OnRide - (480p)



Waldameer Park

Ravine Flyer II is a hybrid roller coaster located at Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania. The Ravine Flyer II took place of the park's original Ravine Flyer, which was taken down in 1938. It traverses State Route 832 along its course, emulating the course of the Ravine Flyer.

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