A powered roller coaster is a type of roller coaster that utilizes a special kind of track that powers the train throughout the ride, rather than relying on gravity to complete the course. Often, Roller Coaster Enthusiasts choose not to count this type of ride as a roller coaster, since it does not coast, but is powered by motors rather than gravity. Many Kiddie Coasters use this method to allow compact, twisting track layouts.

Roller Coaster Descriptions
Basic Elements Brake RunLift HillLaunch TrackStation
Advanced Elements Bunny HillHeadchopperInversionsPre-DropTunnel
Lift/Launch Lift Hill (Cable LiftLift ChainElevator LiftFerris Wheel LiftThrill LiftTilt Section)

Powered Launch (Cable LaunchCounterweightFriction WheelsFlywheelHydraulicLIMLSM) Continuously Powered

Technology On-ride cameraOn-ride soundtrackTraincarTrackTransfer TrackUnderfrictionWheel
Other POVQueue LineRollbackTheming

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