l Opened l 2008 l- l Manufacturer l Intamin AG l- l Capacity l 810 Riders per hour l- l Height l 105 feet (32 meters) l- l Top speed l 56 mph (90.1 km/h) l- l Length l 2,477 feet (755 meters) l- l Inversions l 0 l- l Steepest Drop l 70° l- l Model l Mega-Lite l-


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Piraten - OnRide -Djurs Sommerland - 480p

Piraten - OnRide -Djurs Sommerland - 480p



Djurs Sommerland

Piraten is an Intamin AG sit-down roller coaster located in Djurs Sommerland at Nimtofte, Jylland, Denmark.

It is the highest and tallest rollercoaster in Denmark.

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