l First l Ultra Twister (1985) l- l Oldest in operation l Ultra Twister (1991) l- l Newest Installation l Megaton (1994) l- l Manufacturers l TOGO, Intamin AG l-
Pipeline Roller Coaster

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The train is located in the middle of the track, nstead of above or below it. These coasters often feature a vertical lift, and Heartline Rolls. The only successful model of this type was the Ultratwister, manufactured by TOGO.

A Pipeline Roller Coaster is a classification of roller coaster. It refers to a roller coaster with cars that travel in-between the rails, as opposed to above or below. Only Intamin AG and TOGO have successfully made a Pipeline coaster but a prototype was produced by Arrow Dynamics in their factory. This was scrapped due to roughness however.

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