A POV (Point of View) is an on-ride video of a roller coaster. A video of this type is typically taken from the front car of a roller coaster train so that viewers can see the track ahead, aswell as the scenery. Many theme parks don't allow guests take these videos unless permission is specifically given by the park, but a video can easily be taken by hiding your camera until the middle of the lift hill, then hiding it again on the final brake run.

Roller Coaster Descriptions
Basic Elements Brake RunLift HillLaunch TrackStation
Advanced Elements Bunny HillHeadchopperInversionsPre-DropTunnel
Lift/Launch Lift Hill (Cable LiftLift ChainElevator LiftFerris Wheel LiftThrill LiftTilt Section)

Powered Launch (Cable LaunchCounterweightFriction WheelsFlywheelHydraulicLIMLSM) Continuously Powered

Technology On-ride cameraOn-ride soundtrackTraincarTrackTransfer TrackUnderfrictionWheel
Other POVQueue LineRollbackTheming

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