The train is positioned underneath the track.

First Installation

Batman: The Ride (1992)

Oldest in Operation

Batman: The Ride (1992)

Newest Installation

Banshee (2014)


Beijing Shibaolai - Bolliger & Mabillard - Fabbri Group - Giovanola - Golden Horse - Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. - Intamin AG - Pinfari - Vekoma - Zamperla

An inverted roller coaster is a roller coaster in which the train runs under the track with the seats directly attached to the wheel carriage. This latter attribute is what sets it apart from the older suspended coaster, which runs under the track, but swings via a pivoting bar attached to the wheel carriage. Inverted coasters are notable for their reversed orientation compared to a traditional roller coaster, with the legs rather than the arms exposed.

Roller Coaster Types
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