Huracan 001
Park Bellewaerde
Location BelgiumMeenseweg 497

Ypres, West Flanders, Flemish Region.

Status Operating
Opened 30.3.2013
Cost ‏4,000,000 €
Height restriction
Manufacturer Zierer
Type Steel- Family- Sit-Down- Indoor
Type Indoor family coaster
Model Force(Custom)
Riders per train 2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train.
Riders per hour
Lift/launch system Booster Wheel Lift Hill
Height 49.3 feet
Top speed 31.1 mph
Length 1,640.4 feet
Duration 2:00
Steepest drop
Maximum g-force 4.0 G

Huracan is an indoor family coaster,located in the Belgian park,Bellewaerde.The coaster manufactered by German company,Zierer and its one of thier Force models,and one of only four of those which were build with a customized layout instead of the usual copied one.The track was housed in the existing hall of the dark ride,Los Piratas which was closed down in 2012 due to excessive maintenance cost.The attraction opened at the park on March 30,2013.



The route that the trians travel is largely indoors.The track has some sharp helices,but no inversions.The track was tailor-made by the constructor in consultation with the park.Given the family nature of the coaster,Bellewaerde imposed a Max speed of 50 km/h.The park also wanted a stretch above the Mexican Square area.To make this possible,the track had to be 15 meters high.In the design phase,a search was made for a balance between height and speed on a limited surface.


The story behind the coaster revolves around the Mayan god,Huracan.It is said that he have been locked up by a Mayan priest inside the temple of the Mexican Square.Visitors can travel from the human to the divine world on the back of a two headed snake,where they can experience the elemants that the deity controls.The thematization is in line with the story:the station and queue were decorated as a temple and the dark ride section of the ride consists of four themed zones:water,fire,fog and wind.The trains are also shaped like a two-headed snake,a red one and a blue one.

The ride

When the train leaves the station,the four themed rooms are travested in the dark ride section.This is followed by a Booster Wheel Lift Hill,where the train is pulled up to a roof of the first building.After a first drop in an short outdoor section,the roller coaster dives again into a complete darkness.


The two eight-lane trains each have ten cars with a capacity up ti 20 people per train.Three speakers and a subwofer are on each car.The system is a one of a kind in Belgium.

Restrictiones and security

All passengers must have a minimum length of one meter.All people under 20 cm must be accompanied by an adult.The seats in the train are equipped with individual Lap Bars.


  • Certain parts of the track are filled with sand and foundations have been adjusted to prevent sound vibrations.
  • The speed of the train in the dark ride section can be adjusted according to the crowds in the park.
  • The trains have magnetic brakes to limit wear.
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