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6130 Bayline Drive

USA Panama City, Florida

Hopkins, (also known as Hopkins Rides) is an amusement ride manufacturer based in Panama City, Florida, United States.

So far, the company has built 7 roller coasters in both the United States and Japan, but only 5 still operate today.

Despite building their last coaster in 1996, the company is still in business.

Roller Coasters

Here is a list of all the roller coasters that Hopkins has built so far.

Name Park Location Opened Status
Cliff Hanger Ghost Town Village Maggie Valley, North Carolina, United States 1988 SBNO
Desert Storm Castles n' Coasters Phoenix, Arizona, United States 1992 Operating
Dragon Adventureland Altoona, Iowa, United States May 12, 1990 Defunct
New Wild Mouse Coaster Misaki Park Osaka, Japan 1996 Defunct
Patriot Castles n' Coasters Phoenix, Arizona, United States 1992 Operating
Polar Coaster Story Land Glen, New Hampshire, United States 1987 Operating
Texas Tornado Wonderland Amusement Park Amarillo, Texas, United States 1985 Operating

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