Track comes close to the riders heads, creating a Headchopper effect

A Headchopper is any point in a roller coaster where the ride's structure, theming or another section of track comes close to the rider's heads, or at least appears to do so. Headchoppers are most common on wooden roller coasters, but many steel coasters, such as Vekoma's SLC and Bolliger & Mabillard's Wing Rider, have this element as well.


Of course, all headchoppers are designed so that even the tallest rider with both arms up would be unable to touch the
Headchopper on rollercoaster tycoon

Headchpper on Roller Coaster Tycoon

structure. However if a rider exceeding the maximum height limit is allowed on, the ride could potentially be dangerous.


The inverted roller coaster headchopper equivalent is the Footchopper.
Headchopper damngerouse
Footchoppers are designed so that the rider's legs appear to come close to water, the ride's structure or other scenery. The Vekoma SLC aswell as Pinfari inverted models are known for great Footchopper elements, wich add excitement to the rides.
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