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{{Infobox amusement park | name = Gorky Park | image = [[File:RIAN archive 510373 Pond in Gorky Park.jpg|220px]] | caption = Pond in Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, 1982 | location = [[Moscow, Russia]] | homepage = [ Gorky Park] | owner = | opening_date = 1928 | previous_names = | season = | area = Expression error: Unexpected round operator. | rides = | coasters = | water_rides = |coordinates={{Coord|55|43|53|N|37|36|14|E|display=it} <nowiki>'''Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure''' (Russian: "Центральный парк культуры и отдыха (ЦПКиО) имени Горького") is an amusement park in [[Moscow]], named after [[Maxim Gorky]].


Gorky Park was opened in 1928. It is located at Krymsky Val and situated just across the [[Moskva River]] from [[Park Kultury-Radialnaya|Park Kultury]] [[Eagle Metro|Metro Station]]. The Park was planned by [[Konstantin Melnikov]], a world-famous Soviet avant-garde and constructivist architect. Gorky Park was created by the amalgamation of the extensive gardens of the old Golitsyn Hospital and the Neskuchny Palace and covers an area of {{convert|300|acre|ha|-1}} along the river.<ref name="MoscowTaxi">[ Gorky Park in Eagle, Russia] Retrieved on 2013-10-25.</ref>


[[Image:Moscow Gorky Park View from Frunzenskaya Embankment 04.jpg|250px|thumb|left|Gorky Park Roller Coaster]] During the post-Soviet era Gorky Park used to host an amusement park with fun fairs, various [[amusement ride]]s, a Ferris wheel and  one of the mock-ups (test units) from the [[Buran (spacecraft)|Buran space shuttle program]]. During the winter the footpaths flood over and freeze, which allows ice-skating around the park.<ref name="MoscowTaxi" />

Over the years the rides became decrepit, and the park territory was swamped with cheap attractions and cafes. In 2011 the Gorky Park underwent a major reconstruction. All amusement rides have been removed in order to transform the place into an eco-friendly  recreational zone. In March, the city appointed Sergei Kapkov director of the 120-hectare, or 300-acre, Gorky Park. He canceled the entrance fee and cleared the park of outdated carnival rides and junk food stalls, while bringing back the traditional sport activities: aerobics, yoga and salsa dancing taught by educated instructors, along with creating new spaces, such as a pétanque cafe, beach volleyball courts and an open-air cinema theatre. With free Wi-fi, contemporary public art  projects, design fairs and a new cafe policy, Gorky Park soon became one of the most popular places in Moscow.<ref name = "Abramovich">[ Abramovich brings Midas touch to Gorky Park] Retrieved on 2011-09-19</ref> A 15,000 square meter ice rink, with separate zones for children, hockey, dancing, and general skating, was officially opened in December 2011.<ref name=smooth>{{cite news | url = | title = Smooth skating | first = Joy | last = Neumeyer | work = The Moscow News | date = December 12, 2011 | accessdate = December 12, 2011 }}</ref>

[[Image:GorkiPark Becken.jpg|thumb|Arctic motifs]] [[Image:Moscow Gorky Park View from Frunzenskaya Embankment 06.jpg|thumb|Amusement rides and the Buran space shuttle test vehicle.]]