Friction Wheels on a lift-hill

Friction Wheels are tires that are connected to the track of a roller coaster to control the speed of the train. Friction Wheels are often used in stations and brake runs (usually block-sectioned). On some roller coasters, this same method is used on launches, or on lift-hill. This mechanism is so flexible that unlike lift chain it can work for spiral lift hills.

Roller Coaster Descriptions
Basic Elements Brake RunLift HillLaunch TrackStation
Advanced Elements Bunny HillHeadchopperInversionsPre-DropTunnel
Lift/Launch Lift Hill (Cable LiftLift ChainElevator LiftFerris Wheel LiftThrill LiftTilt Section)

Powered Launch (Cable LaunchCounterweightFriction WheelsFlywheelHydraulicLIMLSM) Continuously Powered

Technology On-ride cameraOn-ride soundtrackTraincarTrackTransfer TrackUnderfrictionWheel
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