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Riders sit above the track with feet dangling over the track.

A floorless roller coaster is a variation of a sit-down roller coaster. Unlike most sit-down roller coasters, floorless roller coasters do not feature a floor. The trains are designed so that riders' feet will safely hang above the track. Currently, only the world-famous coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard designs floorless roller coasters. Another roller coaster manufacturer, known as Maurer Söhne, has designed a similar ride, however it has not yet been sold to any parks.

List of floorless coasters

Here is a list of all the floorless coasters.

Italic = relocated coaster.

Name Park Opened
Batman - The Dark Knight Six Flags New England April 20, 2002
Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure April 2, 1999 (as Medusa)
Dæmonen Tivoli Gardens April 16, 2004
Dominator (Geauga Lake) Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom May 5, 2000 (as Batman Knight Flight)
Dominator (Kings Dominion) Kings Dominion May 24, 2008
Hair Raiser Ocean Park December 8, 2011
Hot Wheels Nitro Imagicaa October 2013 (as Nitro)
Hydra the Revenge Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom May 7, 2005
Insane Speed Janfusun Fancyworld 2001
Kraken SeaWorld Orlando June 1, 2000
Medusa Six Flags Discovery Kingdom March 18, 2000
Rougarou Cedar Point May 11, 1996 (as Mantis)
Scream! Six Flags Magic Mountain April 12, 2003
Superman Krypton Coaster Six Flags Fiesta Texas March 11, 2000
Superman / la Atracción de Acero Parque Warner Madrid April 6, 2002

Dive Machines

Main article: Dive Coaster

Bolliger & Mabillard has designed a unique version of the floorless coaster concept, known as a Dive Machine(or Dive Coaster). It consists of wide cars up to 10 seats across, and vertical drops.

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