Amusement Park
Location Gorai Village, Maharashtra, India
Status Operating
Opening 1989
Owner Essel Group
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EsselWorld is an amusement park located in Gorai Village, Maharashtra, India. The park opened in 1989 and is owned by the Essel Group.[1] The park currently operates 5 roller coasters.

The park also has the most roller coasters in India, tieing with Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi located in Kerala and is the third oldest park in operation in the country.

As of June 2020, EsselWorld is currently operating.


In 1983, the Essel Group was investing for an amusement park in Mumbai[2], 6 years later, the group would open EsselWorld. In the same year, the park would open Zyclone, a Pinfari Zyklon Z40.

Later in 1995, EsselWorld would open two roller coasters, Aqua Dive, which is a Bombay Amusement Ride coaster, and Zipper Dipper, a coaster by the Blackpool Leisure Amusement Consultancy.

In 1998, Big Apple would open, which is a Pinfari Big Apple MB28 model.

After 9 years without opening a new roller coaster, the park would open Hoola Loop in 2007. It is another Pinfari Zyklon and is the ZL42 variation of the model. The coaster is the third roller coaster at the park to be manufactured by Pinfari.

As of June 2020, the park continues to operate.

Present Roller Coasters (5)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Aqua Dive Bombay Amusement Ride, Limited Sit-Down 1995 Operating
Big Apple Pinfari Sit-Down 1998 Operating
Hoola Loop Pinfari Sit-Down 2007 Operating
Zipper Dipper Blackpool Leisure Amusement Consultancy Sit-Down 1995 Operating
Zyclone Pinfari Sit-Down 1989 Operating



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