l Location l Sentosa, Singapore l- l Opened l March 18, 2010 l- l Manufacturer l Vekoma l- l Type l Family l- l Riders per train l 16 l- l Riders per hour l 16 l- l Height l 45 feet (13 meters) l- l Drop l 3 meters l- l Top speed l 28.5 mph (49.5 KPH) l- l Length l 1,150 feet (350 meters) l- l Duration l 1:06 l- l Inversions l 0 l-
Enchanted Airwyas


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Enchanted Airways POV - Universal Studios Singapore

Enchanted Airways POV - Universal Studios Singapore



Universal Studios Singapore

Enchanted Airways is a Vekoma family roller coaster located at Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa, Singapore.This is an outdoor steel junior roller coaster located in the Far Far Away zone at Universal Studios Singapore. Guests of all ages climb aboard Donkey's beloved Dragon for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond. Throughout the ride, guests will be treated to a cast of fairy tale creatures, from the Three Little Pigs to the Big Bad Wolf, from Gingy to Pinocchio.



The entrance to the Enchanted Airways is located of the main street of the Far Far Away land. The queue is located within a medieval-style tent which features a variety of Shrek theming and other Dragon related things of Far Far Away. The queue eventually leads to the load station where guests are sorted into their rows in front of air gates.


Riders are seated in a dragon-themed train in pairs with a lap bar restraint. The train is taken up a friction wheel lift hill to a height of 13 metres (43 ft). At the top of this hill, riders can see across Universal Studios Singapore's lagoon and towards other areas of the park. A small drop follows the lift hill that then leads into two downward helices. The train then dips diagonally under the lift hill before elevating and approaching the back end of the station and passing over top. The train then runs back parallel with the lift hill before entering two separate helices and entering the brake run. Throughout several times the train passes themed elements including Shrek's Swamp, a forest and Medieval areas.

Vekoma Junior Coaster - 335m

The ride's layout

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