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Schattau 64, Rußbach, Lower Austria, Austria

Abtenauer Achterbahn

Sommerrodelbahn at Abtenauer Bergbahnen GmbH, the first Sommerrodelbahn.

Brandauer is a Mountain Coaster manufacturer which located in Austria and specializes in the production of steel structures. The company is mainly known in the coaster industry for her mountain coasters that it produces.

Brandauer was founded in 1980 by Ing. Josef Brandauer and it's one of the leading metal construction companies in the province of Salzburg in Austria. Among it's mountain coasters, which are also known by thier model name, the "Sommerrodelbahn", the company also builds steel structures for glass facades and steel tunnels.

The first Sommerrodelbahn was build in 1996 in Abtenau, Austria under the simple name "Sommerrodelbahn" and has a length of 1,980 meters. Currently for 2020 there are 42 Sommerrodelbahns which operating at various mountain and ski resorts.

The Sommerrodelbahn consists of an aluminium round tube with a guide profile. The rail is supported by a galvanized steel structure and anchored to the ground by means of metal anchores, so that no concrete foundation is needed.

Just like Wiegand's Alpine Coasters, riders can control the speed of their car by a lever adjust to the car. When a rider pushes the lever forward, the brake releases and the riders go faster. Pulling the lever backwards will slow down the car. Each tray is also equipped with a centrifugal brake. Ths brake controls the speed of the cart that is 40 km / h.

The circuit of the Sommerrodelbahn can be closed or open. Two systems are used to transport the carts to the starting point. With the closed circuit version this is done by means of a towing cable. With the open circuit version, the trays are removed from the rails at the end of the ride and placed in a cable car, which brings them back to the starting point.

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