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Khmelnytsky Highway 82 Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Analog is a coaster manufacturer which based in the Ukraine and mainly supplied attractions in it's own country but also in the surrounding countries. Among it's roller coasters, the company also makes ferris wheels, gliding mills and other numerous types of attractions.

Analog (also known as SARMAT Ltd. scientific as mentioned in the park's website) was founded in 1989, just before the breakup of the Soviet Union. Analog was founded mainly to build attractions after the example of foreign manufacturers, or analogously to, hence the name.

Due to high demands that were made on the mechinery of the company and the employees, machines were imported from Switzerland, Japan and other countries.

The company has since fallen into private hands, with the help of the Russian and Bulgarian governments.

Attractions Edit

Roller Coasters Edit

Hoverla Edit

This model's first known installation occured somewere in 2005 in Russia, and today there are 8 Hoverlas operating accros Belarus, Russia and Ukraina. The model was named after the Hoverla, a high mountain in Ukraine. It is a rather modest roller coaster that features a booster wheel lift and a Vertical Loop. Each installation features a single train with 9 cars, each car contains 2 across and a single row.

Other attractions. Edit

Ferris Wheels Edit

The company builds two types of ferris wheels. The first one is 30 meters high and the second is 44 meters high. They have the option of opened or closed cabins.

Magnetic XXL Edit

the Magnetic XXL is a tower attracion that combines three attractions type. First of all, you have a whirlgig that floats at a hight of 50 meters. Underneath is a platform with chairs that is used as an observation tower. This goes up to a height of approximently 30 meters. The observation section at the top is often also used as a free-fall tower.

Vista Edit

The Vista is a luxurious version of the watchtower. At this tower you take a seat in a large spherical gondola, where you can find relaxetion chairs. From here riders can enjoy the views. In the middle of the gondola guests can have a nice drink at the bar.

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