Adventure Island


Southend On Sea, Essex, England


sometime before 1966


Stockvale Ltd

Past names

Peter Pan's Playground
Peter Pan's Adventure Island

Operating season

All year round

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Adventure Island is a free-admission amusement park located at Southend On Sea, Essex, England, UK. It has five roller coasters, and over 30 other rides, as well as attractions including restaurants and a gift shop.


The park flanks the north end of Southend Pier and has been an amusement park since at least the mid-1960s, at which time it lay solely to the west of the pier and was called "Peter Pan's Playground". At this time it had an unusual Wooden Roller Coaster called the "Wendy Glide" which had an elevated track and troughs instead of hills. It was mostly a family park, leaving thrill rides to its rival the Kursaal, which was about a mile to the east.

The present era began in 1976 when the Miller family purchased the land now forming the west side of the park. The site is currently owned and managed by Stockvale Ltd.

In 1976 the land to the west of the pier was purchased by the Miller family and they developed their amusement park on the site from the rudimentary original. The site was extensively redeveloped and in 1995 the park was vastly expanded when the land to the east of the pier was purchased to form part of the park.

The park has previously been known as Peter Pan's Playground and Peter Pan's Adventure Island, before becoming simply Adventure Island.

Present roller coasters (5)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Barnstormer Zierer Family 2000 Operating
Green Scream Zierer Family 1999 Operating
Kiddie Koasta Zamperla Family 2011 Operating
Mighty Mini Mega Pinfari Sit-Down 2003 Operating
Rage Gerstlauer Sit-Down 2007 Operating

Past roller coasters (1)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Wendy Glide unknown Wooden, Family prior to 1966 Defunct