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Paultons Theme Park | Home of Peppa Pig World is located in the village of Ower, near Romsey, in Hampshire, England. The theme park has 60 rides and attractions. The Peppa Pig World theme park area is based on the children’s television series character. The park name is derived from the former Paultons Estate, on which the park is situated. The park covers 140 acres of land and features a collection of around 80 species of birds and animals, in addition to the rides. Most of the theme park rides are designed for children which is why the Park considers itself a family theme park


Thrill ridesEdit

# Name Opened Manufacturer Description
1 Edge 2009 Zamperla Mega Disk'O Coaster; height limit 1,2m.
2 Magma 2012 SBF Visa 25m Twisting Drop Tower, volcanic theme, height limit 1,2m.

Water rides and attractionsEdit

# Name Opened Manufacturer Description
3 Wave Runner 2003 Paultons Park Water slide, three drops; height limit 90 cm.
4 Raging River Ride 1999 Reverchon 225 m log flume, two steep drops, the higher of which is 11m tall; height limit 95 cm.
5 Water Kingdom 2009 Paultons Park Water splash play park with water jets, large tipping buckets, fountains and super soakers.

Other rides and attractionsEdit

# Name Opened Description
6 4D Cinema 22 March 2013 4D cinema experience showing Robin Hood.
7 Dragon 2001 Zierer roundabout ride; height limit 90 cm.
8 The Jumping Bean 2004 Junior drop tower ride
9 The Pirate Ship 2001 Swinging ship that swings to 60 degrees on either side.
10 Kontiki Ride 2005 Swinging ship that rotates 360 degrees, replicating a seastorm. Minimum height: 900mm (accompanied by a responsible adult). Children over 7 years can ride without an adult.
11 The Sky Swinger 2008 Chair O'plane.
12 Astroglide 1989 Basic mat slide with six lanes.
13 Go-Karts 1998 Pedal karts in the circuit.


Trekking Tractors 2007 Tractor ride which travels gently around a farm-themed track.
15 Magic Carpet 2005 Zamperla Magic Carpet ride.
16 Flying Saucer 1992 Slow tilting and spinning ride(closed).
17 Viking Boats 2001 Small rotating boat ride themed on the Viking Longboats.
18 Jumping Jack 2004 Smaller version of the Jumping Bean vertical drop ride.
19 Digger Ride 2002 Track ride themed around a building site.
20 Rabbit Ride 1988 Children’s garden track ride with rabbit-themed cars.
21 Ladybird Ride Ride in spotted ladybird roundabout (closed).
22 Seal Falls 2002 Younger version of the Raging River Ride, small drop and a mini igloo tunnel.
23 Percy's Bouncer Bouncy castle type attraction which is undercover. Trampolines are adjacent to this attraction.
24 Tea Cup Ride 1997 Spinning tea cup ride decorated with fruit.
25 Rio Grande Train 1987 Narrow 15 in (381 mm) railway, takes passengers round the Wave Runner, Trekking Tractors and animal paddocks, for a (7 minute)) journey.
26 Magic Forest 1986 Interactive nursery-rhyme forest with animatronic models depicting scenes from nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty and Sing a Song of Sixpence.
27 Wind In The Willows 1996 Walkthrough house featuring animatronic models themed along the story of the Wind in the Willows.
28 Land of the Dinosaurs 1988 Walkway through the woods with full-scale models of dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus.
29 Gold Rush Falls 12-hole crazy golf course.
30 The Scotty the Clown Live Family Entertainment Show Show features acrobatics, juggling, magic and singing with Scotty the clown, who has worked at Paultons for over 15 years and was once a contestant on the television show Gladiators.

Peppa Pig World in Paultons ParkEdit

# Name Opened Description
31 Windy Castle 2011 Spins visitors in cloud carriages up and down a central castle upright structure.
32 George’s Dinosaur Adventure 2011 Green dinosaurs ride, rocks back and forth whilst manoeuvring around a track, goes through themed areas including volcanoes and the character ‘Daddy Pig's’ garden.
33 Daddy Pig’s Car Ride 2011 Car ride that manoeuvres around a road track.
34 Grandpa Pig’s Little Train 2011 Train ride that is attached to track.
35 Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip 2011 Small boat carriages on water move in a circle roundabout motion.
36 Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride 2011 Spins visitors up and around a central structure in balloon-themed carriages.
37 Miss Rabbits Helicopter Flight 2011 Ride similar to a ‘big wheel’ ride where visitors sit in helicopter carriages.

Food and drinks and play areaEdit

  • George’s Spaceship Playzone
  • Mr Potato’s Playground
  • Muddy Puddles
  • Peppa’s House
  • Paddling Ducks
  • The Campervan
  • The School House
  • Peppa’s Magic Photo Studio
  • Peppa’s Toy Shop
  • Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlour
  • Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Café

Present Roller Coasters (?)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Cobra Gerstlauer Bobsled March 2006 Operating
The Stinger Zierer Junior Coaster 2000 Operating
Flying Frog Zierer Junior Coaster 2003 Operating

Past Roller Coasters (?)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Runaway Train N/A Junior Coaster 1993 2000 Dunes Leasure Park
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